Can we have items that are not on the menu?

     Absolutely! Menus can be completely customized to suit your tastes and/or theme.

Do you provide the wait staff or kitchen staff to help with a buffet or family style service?

     We can provide as much or as little help as you require or desire for your event! We can do everything from setting up the dining area and buffet, to the actual dinner service, and all the way through the clean up!

We will have a lot of guests with dietary needs, can those be accommodated?

     With adequate notice we certainly can. Keep in mind, food is ordered and prepared individually and specifically per your selections, so extra ingredients and additional menu items are not always readily available if they are not ordered in advance.

When is our final count due?

     Typically it is due 2 weeks prior to your event.

Can I send you pictures of a theme or design idea and you make a cake to match?

     Yes, all of our cakes are designed with your theme, colors and style in mind. I can help you determine what size is best for your event, based of your ideas!